Navigating The Newsroom #21: Election Night, Part 1

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Andrew Robinson is away in Toronto this week, but don’t worry! Special guest Joanna Robinson from Pajiba and The Ones Who Knock is here to discuss the first part of this season’s finale. Is the Will/Mac relationship handled well? Why do these characters keep screwing up? How come Leona won’t let them resign? And does the ending imply “Preachy Will” is going to return? Tune in to find out. Also, there’s a brief tangent about people falling down, which is always fun.

Check below the break for trailers and show notes.

Navigating The Newsroom #21: Election Night, Part 1
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Joanna Robinson is the Features Editor at Pajiba and a contributor to Vulture. She also co-hosts the podcasts The Station Agents and The Ones Who Knock. Be sure to follow her on Twitter!


  • 00:20 – Intro
  • 4:09 – Joanna Robinson’s overall thoughts on The Newsroom
  • 9:41 – General thoughts on this episode
  • 12:47 – The Will/Mac relationship; is Emily Mortimer leaving the show?
  • 18:14 – Preachy Will vs. Balanced Will
  • 22:39 – Comparisons with The West Wing
  • 28:25 – Female characters and sexism
  • 35:39 – Leona wants to be “honorable”
  • 37:37 – Everybody is screwing up
  • 43:26 – Don’s scoop
  • 47:56 – Show close

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